"Lamp for dark times"

At the end of year 2008 they noticed that there is general uncertainty about 2009 because of the upcoming recession and cutting off communication means. They used this situation as an opportunity to create a "new business" project that will position themselves as experts for communications in a time of crisis which demands special knowledge from an agency. Innovative, memorable action that would create response and potential "new biz" contacts. The solution consisted of two parts. First one - a direct mailing in a form of a useful night light which had an appeal to visited their website www.saatchi.si/trendi. There were three presentations (trends/how/why to communicate) which also offered a change of a free lecture from their strategic department. The response was surprising. The light was sent to 70 marketing directors of biggest Slovenian companies. In the first three days they had 74 visits on their website - 46 of them were unique visitors - and spent an average of 4,3 minutes. They got 20 written responses, mainly positive. With 6 of them they established personal contact and created a change in potential cooperation in the future.

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